Expires on: 18-6-7
0.8% daily for 200 days, 140% After 1 Day, 280% After 4 Days, 500% After 8 Days
Wolf Invest
0.8% daily for 200 days, 140% After 1 Day, 280% After 4 Days, 500% After 8 Days
Expires on: 18-6-25


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BTC plasmaPaid to HYIPsInfo.com $1.3 and ranked 2018-03-21 23:28:50
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AK47.capitalPAID -> The amount of 23 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U8501575->U1219451asdf. Memo: API Payment. AK47 daily shot for deposit USD575, payout 10/50. Thank you!.. Date: 04:43 21.03.18. Batch: 208996694.
AK47.capitalDAILY SHOT!The amount of 20 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U8501575->U104547@@@. Memo: API Payment. AK47 daily shot for deposit USD500, payout 9/50. Thank you!.. Date: 04:48 21.03.18. Batch: 208996780.
Ethereum InvestmentsPaid to HYIPsInfo.com $1 and ranked 2018-03-21 15:00:57
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Wolf Invest
0.8% daily for 200 days, 140% After 1 Day, 280% After 4 Days, 500% After 8 Days, 800% After 12 Days, 1200% After 16 Days, 1600% After 20 Days + VIP plans
4.5% daily for 10 days, 10% daily for 8 days, 45% daily for 5 days ...

   Wolf Invest

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  our rating:
  monitoring: days  
  payout ratio: 153% in profit  
  our investment: $11.00  
  funds return: $16.84
  user votes: 167  
  last paid: 2018-03-16  
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plans: 0.8% daily for 200 days, 140% After 1 Day, 280% After 4 Days, 500% After 8 Days, 800% After 12 Days, 1200% After 16 Days, 1600% After 20 Days + VIP plans
min/max deposit: $ 10/10000  
withdrawal: Manual  
referral: 5%  
support: mail | phone |  

Join: Wolf Invest

We are happy to welcome all cryptocurrency fans and those who are new to the world of digital currencies on our website! Our company is involved in financial activities related to Bitcoin trading and mining. This is now a very lucrative business as Cryptocurrencies are rapidly gaining popularity. Cryptocurrency has literally taken the world by storm. But what is a cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency, as the name suggests, is a form of digital money designed to be secure and anonymous in most cases. It uses a technique called cryptography a process used to convert legible information into an almost uncrackable code, to help track purchases and transfers. Cryptocurrencies allow users to make secure payments, without having to go through banks. There are many other advantages of this currency. We believe cryptocurrencies are going to be the future!

This investment platform is the result of our intensive and fruitful work for the past few months, it is ready to offer secure asset management service on the basis of cutting-edge business, associated with Bitcoin mining as well as highly profitable trade on cryptocurrency markets. Starting today, we urge to join us all those who are interested in news from the world of cryptocurrency mining and trading as well as believe in the globalization of digital money. We are ready to cooperate with online investors from all over the world in this promising and beneficial field.

RCB FOR Wolf Invest
Deposit Amount REF 1st Deposit Re-Invested
$1-$4 1% 500% --- 500% ---
$5-$10 1% 500% --- 500% ---
$11-$20 1% 500% --- 500% ---
$21-$30 1% 500% --- 500% ---
$31-$50 1% 500% --- 500% ---
$51-$100 1% 500% --- 500% ---
$101-$200 1% 500% --- 500% ---
$201-$500 1% 500% --- 500% ---
$501-$2000 1% 500% --- 500% ---

Please fill in the form and submit to us. We will process it Asap.

You will receive:
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1. You can't deposit with one pay processor and request RCB payment from another.
2. RCB must be ordered within 24 hours after deposit. Referral Commission from older deposits will not be returned.
3. We only send RCB after we got the ref. bonus. The RCB payment will be processed within 24 hours after confirmed.
4.You are not allowed to create more than 1 account in any project.
5. Most programs do not accrue ref.commission with deposits made by reinvest from the balance within the program. In such cases RCB can not be returned to you. We recommend first to withdraw money, and then make a deposit via payment system.
6. We don't pay RCB For HYIP Monitors and blogs.

If you still have any question, please feel free to contact with us.

All RCB Info For Wolf Invest
Date User Deposit/RCB EC-No Status
2018-03-05 19:10:24 Iulius4*** $12/$1.08 P76620*** Paid
2018-03-05 19:08:32 kanton*** $20/$1.8 U5789*** Paid
2018-02-25 20:53:09 Dej*** $10/$0.9 U1849*** Paid
2018-02-25 16:19:45 St*** $10/$1.3 U7993*** Paid

Online Support


2017-12-03 20:47:03
Bitcoin Crypto Trade - information for investors
Great news! The exchange rate of BITCOIN, the main investment direction of our company, rise above $11000, this growth has greatly increased the company's profit. Therefore, the company's management pleased to offer especially profitable conditions for investment for first thousand registered investors. From 8:00 p.m. 03.12.17 to 8:00 p.m. 10.12.17 (UTC+03:00) all users registered before 09:00 p.m. 03.12.17 will receive bonuses for new deposits: 115% after 15 days $10 - $49999 BONUS 10%! 5% daily for 30 days $10 - $499 BONUS 5%! 5.5% daily for 30 days $500 - $999 BONUS 7.5%! 6% daily for 30 days $1000 - $4999 BONUS 10%! 6.5% daily for 30 days $5000 - $9999 BONUS 15%! 7% daily for 30 days $10 000 - $49 999 BONUS 20%! Also, all users registered before 03.12.17 receive a guaranteed right to participate in the New Year's quiz which will be from 25.12.17 to 07.01.17 We thank you for your trust, and look forward to a long and profitable cooperation! With best wishes, BITCOIN CRYPTO TRADE LTD ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Отличные новости! Курс BITCOIN, основное инвестиционное направление нашей компании, поднялся выше 11000$, что значительно увеличило прибыль компании. В связи с этим, руководство компании радо предложить особенно выгодные условия для инвестирования первой тысяче зарегистрированных инвесторов. С 20:00 03.12.17 по 20:00 10.12.17 (UTC+03:00) все пользователи, зарегистрированные до 21:00 03.12.17 получат бонусы на новые депозиты: 115% после 15 дней 10$ - 49999$ БОНУС 10%! 5% ежедневно на 30 дней 10$ - 499$ БОНУС 5%! 5,5% ежедневно на 30 дней 500$ - 999$ БОНУС 7,5%! 6% ежедневно на 30 дней 1000$ - 4999$ БОНУС 10%! 6,5% ежедневно на 30 дней 5000$ - 9999$ БОНУС 15%! 7% ежедневно на 30 дней 10 000$ - 49 999$ БОНУС 20%! Так же все пользователи, зарегистрированные до 03.12.17 получают гарантированное право на участие в Новогодней викторине которая пройдет 25.12.17 по 07.01.17 Мы благодарим вас, за оказанное доверие, и рассчитываем на длительное и плодотворное сотрудничество! С наилучшими пожеланиями, BITCOIN CRYPTO TRADE LTD
Read more

2017-11-28 11:36:52
Infinite Alliance - Ethereum and Litecoin
Dear Investors and Guests, Today we have really great news for you! We have added two payment processors Ethereum and Litecoin for deposits and withdrawals. We hope that new payment processors will make cooperation with Infinite Alliance even more attractive for all. Our development and progress continues forward and we are aimed only at positivity and productivity of the cooperation process. Use our investment opportunities to make regular profit. We are very happy to have you on our program, and we are doing our best to bring you the best online investment experience. Best regards, Infinite Alliance Team
Read more

2017-11-25 14:30:33
Infinite Alliance - Live chat & Support by phone
Dear Clients and Guests! Thank you for your interest in our company and its services. Our employees provided support service through our customer support form but for some complicated and urgent questions, it just isn't as convenient as talking to someone on live chat in real time or on the phone. We are happy to inform that now you have the opportunity to use customer support on our website at the help of the Live chat, and also by means of the telephone (for financial questions only e-mail - admin@infinallian.biz). Ask your questions on the phone, get answers from experts in communication in the Live chat, use our customer support form, and our experts will contact you. We want to work as close as possible with our clients. Please don't hesitate to ask for any assistance you need. We will do our best to help you with any question. All kinds of our support service work in 24/7 mode and you can always rely on the qualified help of our support specialists. Best regards, Infinite Alliance Limited administration.
Read more

2017-11-21 01:50:53
Best Investments - LTC/ETH deposit
Hello hyipsinfo, We are happy to announce that we are accepting deposits with Litecoin and Ethereum! Don't waste your time and make your deposit right now, and start earning 12% daily! Moura Mining LLC http://bestinvestments.group
Read more

2017-10-21 01:40:29
SIMB Wealth Management Ltd - Paypal Payment Option
Regarding to Paypal payment option, we would like to clerify some grey clouds. Some investors are choosing deposit option via Paypal. This is ok with us. You can choose whatever you want to use during the process. However, before make investment with us, you must know the security issues on paypal. As a company, we offer good investment opportunity here. Not some black dirty business. Whenever you decided to use paypal during deposit and cashout options, same address and same account must be used. It means if the money comes from james blue, money must goes back to james blue again. No any other accounts. You can not deposit 10$ from 10 different account and make 100$ cashout the different account. This is against to our aggrement with paypal. So, please be carefull before make investment via Paypal.
Read more

2017-10-19 18:44:24
Cryptoosa - Bitcoin withdrawals are now FREE
Due to many requests we have decided to remove the bitcoin withdrawal fees. What does this mean? This means from now on Cryptoosa will pay the required bitcoin transaction fees instead of the users. To prevent paying fees for small transactions (which would cost more in fees than the actual transfer itself), we have set the minimum Bitcoin withdrawals to $1.00. Thank you for using Cryptoosa and we wish all of our members happy earnings!
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