Malaysian INC - selective payments


We have to admit the insolvency of Malaysian INC - selective payments, incoming comments on stalled payments even at(by) SolidTrust Pay, which is usually paid to the last. Status on the monitor accordingly changed to "problems".

Well, it was quite a predictable moment for scam - the project was at its peak, as measured by Alexa ranking. In the future, the influx of investors could go into decline - exactly what the admin could not wait longer for and stopped paying.

But HYIP has worked decently - has allowed many investors to get a plus both on the short and on the long plans.

From the very beginning I had a premonition that the project will be long-lived - all the attributes of the serious intentions of the administrator were present:


Reliable protection against DDOS-attack Black Lotus

SSL encryption

The unique design and script

Quite a number of payment options

Almost instant payments in the manual mode


Alas, summer for HYIPs is not the best time, even the most stubborn come to naught...:(



Of those now paying HYIPs I would like to highlight After 90 Days and The Best 50 Hours. The first one prepossesses with an impressive technical component and is attractive enough in appearance, and therefore quickly gained popularity - the admin has all chances to please investors with instant payments as long as possible with the competent promotion of the project.


As for The Best 50 Hours – this one has very profitable fast plans: 107% in a day, and 0.4% - 0.5% hourly for 50 hours + a fairly attractive rate of referral commission return on our website - http://hyipsinfo.com/?a=rcb&lid=1352

For these HYIPs the best strategy is "grab and run" - high risk with high profit.


Also I’d like to draw your attention to the Online Increment – here is quite an experienced administrator who can pay for months. The investment plan is 26% daily for 5 business days, the deposit is included in the profit (in fact, it turns out 1% of daily net). Many investors prefer such short plans - more chances to "jump off in time".