17.08.2013 - What is RCB. New HYIP ProBusinessFX.


Many people ask what the RCB is. I’ll try to communicate clearly to tell about it.

So, RCB, Referral Commission Back is a return referral commission.

That is, you sign up for the HYIP by going to the website ref. link of the monitor, it gets a certain percentage of your contribution called referral commission and returns this part of the profit to you.

Currently, the value of RCB reaches up to several thousand percent! You may ask, why should the admin of the monitor make such a refund, because it's actually care less? The answer is simple - admin of the monitor pays RCB with payments for advertising, which had been bought on his site by HYIPs’ admins thus attracting a large number of contributors to the project. And as we already know, a stable and adequate supply of investors is the main guarantee of long-term HYIP’s work. As a result, all happy – HYIPs’ administrators receive a large number of investors, monitors’ administrators receive money for advertising on the monitor (the proceeds of which are spent on the RCB is not 100%, some part of it goes into the pocket), and multiple investors increase their investment returns.

To order RCB you can click on the button next to the description of each particular HYIP. Next, fill in a simple form and within 24 hours you will be paid RCB.


To date, the largest percentage of RCB on the monitor is on After 90 Days - http://hyipsinfo.com/?a=rcb&lid=746 - for example by investing $ 50, you get $ 6.50 as refback + daily profit on the deposit 2.6% for 90 consecutive days. Agree, not bad.

Also interesting in this regard is joFund – the average interest rate HYIP offering a revenue of 1.8% - 2.5% daily for 30 working days. View return rates and order RCB with joFund here - http://hyipsinfo.com/?a=rcb&lid=1181

To ensure that you get the RCB, you have to be my referral. To do this, go to the HYIP site clicking its image on the monitor or on the title above the picture. Pre-cleaning of the cookies in your browser is recommended.



The Best 50 Hours which has worked 8 days, goes to the problem. It is a pretty decent time for HYIP with such plans. As the saying goes, the first man gets the oyster, the second man gets the shell, but one can try to turn luck around in the next hourly projects, since they appear regularly.