New HYIPs on monitor


Today we’ll have a look at some HYIP projects added to the monitor for the last few days.
Let's start with TenDollarInvest.
 It seems to be not a particularly noteworthy high interest rate project, but there is a reason due to which you should pay attention to it.
In the recent past, its admin was at the helm of another project – OneDollarInvest. Seeing the high interest rates having being offered by him, it worked fantastically – for more than six months! This is despite the fact that he did not have any special prerequisites for such a long work: the lack of SSL encryption, plain non-unique design, unattractive domain – all this «contributed» to the low popularity of the HYIP investors initially.

 But gradually, the administrator was able to prove the seriousness of his intentions, and the above factors to some extent even helped him to remain afloat for the long period – the project avoided the so-called "bombarding with money at the start", and thanks to the smooth promotion successfully operated for a long time.
  That’s why TenDollarInvest is also entrusted with the high expectations. HYIP offers some pretty standard plans for high interest rate projects:
36% daily for 3 days, 110% after 3 days, 120% after 5 days and 145% after 10 days, 170% after 15 days, 1% every day for 210 days. The absence of beloved plan "after 1 day", I think, even is a plus to some extent. Such a plan is probably the most confiscatory for HYIPs – too many volunteers to grab and withdraw quickly all the money making no longer further investments, although such a behavior of investors can be understood – as the saying goes, a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush...
But it is difficult for HYIP’s admin to keep it long afloat when every day dozens or even hundreds of investors derive 102-110% of their deposits making no reinvestments, and the influx of new members is not enough.
  But let’s return to the general theory to a particular HYIP. Of its other features are:
  - Accepting deposits in Perfect Money
  - Instant payments
  - Minimum deposit of $10
  - 4% referral
  Judging by the number of referrals, many were able tip off the administrator - currently contributions go with a never-ending stream providing adequate stability for the pyramid. Let's see how long it will last this time...



Another project which I found interesting and worthy of detailed consideration is Anlagen Alliance.
 Here we see a pretty serious technical component - SSL certificate from Comodo, protection against DDOS attacks from KoDDoS, license script from GoldCoders, bilingual interface (English and Russian), a pretty unique design. In short there is all that is necessary for happiness, the only question is, whose happiness is more likely: the administrator’s or contributors, however this is true for every HYIP...)
 Invest plans are interesting and quite unusual:
 130% after 15 days (charges 0.083% hourly)
 170% for 30 days (2.33% daily charge)
 220% after 45 days (charges 0.11% hourly)
 15% weekly for life
 All plans provide for refund of deposit at the end of period.
Agree that hourly capitalization of contributions for the 1st and 3rd plans looks promising - every hour one can observe his money growing by leaps and bounds :-)
In addition, we are attracted with instant payments, multi-level referral program 5% - 2% - 1% as well as a promotional video, in which a gentle charming female voice tells us about the features and benefits of the project...
 The presence of only one payment type – Perfect Money – slightly darkens the impression along with the withdrawal commission of 10%, which, by the administration’s statement, will go to the development of the project and payments for equipment, but most likely it was invented by admin as a remedy for excessive "washout" of money from the HYIP and maintaining its ability to pay for long. Let's hope that it really will contribute to the long-term operation of the project, and here we will be able to get a nice profit especially because the fall and spring are traditionally considered as the auspicious periods of the year for the HYIP industry.
 Well, let’s wish the admins and all of us a long and successful work, and let the best man win this eternal confrontation between HYIP administrators and investors!