Internet fraud. How to save your finances?




Nowadays there are a lot of those willing to cut easy money. All the more so with the introduction of highly advanced technologies to the modern life, such as the Internet, it is even easier and faster to do. Naive people always sufficed, in that distant time when scammers toured the settlements across the country, robbing their victims, and in our time, when you do not even have to leave home to find a naive victim agreed to give up their savings. Typically, online-crooks lure their potential victims to any easy way to earn, describing it in detail and even allegedly providing comments of those people who have already tried this type of income, and say or write words of thanks to those who offered them a job.


Once you see the advertisement of such a project with huge amounts allegedly earned there , you know - it's a hundred percent fraud. Fraudsters are growing like mushrooms after the rain. This can be confirmed by various services or the internet - forums in which the data are laid out on such people. But that does not stop them , because they know that they in most cases one will not be able to tip off anyone of them. In financial scams, there are many options for fishing network users out of money. However, whatever the scammers have made, we must know and be able to determine - where the information is really reliable, and where hangs a "hook" with bait, which can be caught. How can internet user know which proposals have a threat of network fraud that they do not even of paying attention to. The following are the most common ways of the Internet deception.


1. Fraud by electronic payment systems.


Created for the convenience of users payment systems in the Internet allows them to anonymously produce cash payments from anywhere in the world. The same factor of anonymity is being used by the cyber-crooks, coming up with different ways of fraud using EPS. Usually unsuspecting customers are being "bred" as follows:


- To user's e-mail comes a compassionate message from an unknown person, stating that he or someone else had experienced a horrible grief, and that good people should definitely help. In the letter, the number of the e-wallet, which is to transfer any amount you do not mind. In this form of fraud scammers are banking on the pity by grief in the incident, and many people take such letters for "good faith".


- The internet user accidentally stumbles on a site or again receives an email with information about the so-called easy and fast way of earnings using "magic wallet". The legend is that you are being offered to capitalize on the alleged vulnerability of the script of the payment system, to which the purse (account number naturally supplied) you are being offered to send a certain amount (usually a small amount) and to get after a while the double amount to the purse of EPS. Of course this can never really happen, and the money that you send, will go directly to the imposter’s purse.


- involment to earn on the difference in exchange rates. There are a lot of online fraudulent exchangers with unrealistic values of exchange rates, by which one would be supposed to make a profit through the exchange of one payment system to another. Just remember once and for all - exchangers just like these are designed to fraudulently enrich their owners but not you! Money sent to them are never exchanged or returned , and all you will not find them out- this kind of sites are being registered on the nominees, and are short-lived. So having seen too big difference in the courses do not be tempted to and immediately leave this site – trust exchange only to trusted services. A large number presented on http://www.bestchange.com , where you will be able to exchange electronic money in all directions, with the best rate, wherein you'll pick the best rate and will not be plucked to fraud.


2. Internet - Investment: MLM-business, pyramid schemes and the Forex market.


These types of fraud only collect money allegedly for high-interest income. For real investors engaged in this type of earnings on the Internet for years, such methods of cheating are not terrible, as they know perfectly well how to distinguish an honest investment project to the fraudulent website. And that's just the newcomers "underway" very quickly to these types of income, where they are promised a huge percentage of profit. Such projects can promise you a fabulous percentage of your contribution, saying that your investment will go into the real sector of trade (for example, the Forex market). In fact, investing money in such a project, you can say goodbye to them forever. In practice, there are investment projects that provide the opportunity to earn a day up to 10% of the profits from the contribution, so they are exactly those being relied on by the scammers, creating projects that promise a much higher percentage of the profits.


3 . Use of phishing.


Many people may face such type of fraud as phishing. With the help of this type of fraud scammers "fish out" the user for their username and password from the account of the electronic payment systems that are strictly confidential. In this case, fraudsters create similar sites with the same design and functionality. To do this, scammers send out spam on the electronic mailboxes of users. The letter usually contains information that the payment system requires you to log in to your account and change your password. The following is a link to the fraud site. Having come to this site, the unsuspecting user enters his data, allegedly authorizing his account. Then the data goes to the fraudsters who later go on a real account and take out his funds.


4. Fraud with the user’s billing information.


Fraudsters also learned how to get your payment information by using a special program, the Trojan, which penetrates to your computer, steals your payment data through http- traffic interception with sniffers and keyloggers on sites where payment details are entered. Typically, the structure of such sites is similar to each other, so a Trojan is not too difficult for to take over your payment information. Nor should users copy their details to the clipboard and then paste to the site. It is better to do it manually, because special Trojan can also analyze your clipboard and change your billing information in case of their format similarity.




The types of fraud in the network are not limited. Still, there are many different kinds of subtle deceit. But most importantly, it should be understood that it is not to be taken seriously offered by various sites in huge profits, and that you will just not be given a chest of gold or a bag of money. Do not hope that if you put some money into a project, you can increase your capital. At the end here are some of the rules that will help the user to avoid the loss of their funds:


a) Scan your computer with an anti-virus program and update your software regularly.

b) Do not give in to a beautiful pop-up ads, do not click on it, do not download suspicious programs and do not follow unknown links.