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The Billionaire Limited $0.50 
The Billionaire Limited $0.50 
WorldMap.Name $1.00 
X-Bit $2.25 
Crypto Source Share $0.64 
Era Inno $3.00 
Yesss Capital LTD $1.20 
EnergyAceGlobal $0.72 
Funds Broker $1.05 
DollarBill $1.05 

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X-BitThe amount of 661.05 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U19311537-> U10***666. Memo: API Payment.. Date: 23.08.19 22:37. Batch: 277108400.
X-Bit23.08.19 17:41 Received Payment 298.92 USD from account U19311537 to account U1666**6. Batch: 277085870. Memo: API Payment.
X-BitWithdraw $107.99 perfect money to account U1***458. Batch is 277066056
Aug-23-2019 15:45
The Billionaire LimitedPaid to HYIPsInfo.com $0.5 and ranked 2019-08-23 15:06:36
The Billionaire LimitedPaid to HYIPsInfo.com $0.5 and ranked 2019-08-23 15:01:33
X-BitGood program. Thanks admin

23.08.19  13:22 Account Receive +864.45USD to account U10207*98.
Batch: 277052753 Memo: API Payment.
WorldMap.NamePaid to HYIPsInfo.com $1 and ranked 2019-08-23 15:50:01
X-BitPaid to HYIPsInfo.com $2.25 and ranked 2019-08-23 14:50:38
Crypto Source SharePaid to HYIPsInfo.com $0.64 and ranked 2019-08-23 14:48:36
Era InnoPaid to HYIPsInfo.com $3 and ranked 2019-08-23 14:38:17


Yesss Capital LTD
0.8% - 17.77%% daily for 17 - 555 days, 777% - 7777% after 20 - 120 days, compounding available

   X-btc Asia

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  our rating:
  lifetime: 291 days  
  monitoring: 289 days  
  payout ratio: 13%  
  our investment: $100.00  
  funds return: $13.21
  user votes: 37  
  last paid: 2018-11-20  
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plans: 8% daily (0.3333% every hour). Period 50 days. Minimal 10 USD. Maximum 10000 USD... 250% after 25 days. Minimal 10 USD. Maximum 500 USD... 300% after 15 days. Minimal 500 USD. Maximum 50000 USD. Deposit body back to user on all plans
min/max deposit: $ 10/50000  
withdrawal: Manual  
referral: up to 5%  
support: mail |  

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Our company was founded in 2013. Since 2013 we were engaged in the Bitcoin process. We were happy when the price of Bitcoin raised and much happier when the price fell. All this time, our team has been facing a daily success. In 2017, we successfully kept the longs from the course of $ 1000 right up to $ 17,000. Also, we successfully held short positions up to the price of $ 6000. In the beginning of 2017, we improved the mining capacities by attracting online investors.

From 2018 year we decided to become public. Only recently, we realized that a large amount of investments allows us to manage the market ourselves. As per trading volumes of more than 1000 bitcoins per deal, we always stay in the black.

At all stages, Success has accompanied and will accompany us. That`s why we decided to follow the path of online financing. Although the number of partners with whom we will work is limited, you still have a chance to register and become a part of the common victory.

It is always more profitable to earn working in a team. Join us now!

Latest Payouts

X-btc Asia $1.50 
X-btc Asia $1.96 
X-btc Asia $1.83 
X-btc Asia $1.67 
X-btc Asia $1.17 
X-btc Asia $1.04 
X-btc Asia $1.87 
X-btc Asia $1.17 
X-btc Asia $1.00 
Latest Investments

2018-11-08 17:42:04X-btc Asia$100.00 

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2019-08-11 23:36:52
Dependable Gain | Celebration 200 Days online
We glad invite you to join the celebration anniversary since 200 days our company is online. Many investors from allover the world already receive high and stable income from our program. Really reliable and profitable investments are available now to everyone. As we said already - Dependable Gain now is one of the most safiest, stable and profitable business model. We will not stop at this date and always go ahead to expanding the horizons of the company's presence in international markets, we are growing for your success. Our department done a marketing research of our investment plans and send to the management for approval new investment plans, that would be most comfortable for our investors, and still the same stable and reliable. You will be able to see it next week. Just stay tuned for next news update. Also, our management want to provide you short-term promotion to celebration of 200-day formation of our company. Our plan will be active for investment over the next week. 101% after 1 day (Limited offer) Avaliable amount to investment to promotion plan: $10-1000. Dependable Gain will always go ahead! Don't miss it - just join it!
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2019-07-19 00:07:06
Good News For you From Passive Revenue Share Ltd
Hello Dear https://hyipsinfo.com We Decrease our All Plans Minimum Deposit Amount Behalf of our valued members Request. See All Plans Details With New Minimum Deposit Amount Below: 3% Daily For 90 Business Days Minimum Deposit : $25 6% Daily For 35 Business Days, Minimum Deposit : $1000 12% Daily For 18 Business Days, Minimum Deposit : $3000 20% Daily For 10 Business Days, Minimum Deposit : $5000 1000% After 70 Business Days Minimum Deposit : $20 2000% After 120 Business Days Minimum Deposit : $50 So Keep Investing and Promoting our Program and earn High Referral Commission up to 20% on 1st level, 2% on 2nd Level and 1% on 3rd Level Thank You Support Team Passive Revenue Share Ltd
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2019-06-24 13:19:18
News Crypto Trader
Hello! The Bitcoin rate was changed and fixed at $ 11,000 for 1 Bitcoin. All deposits before this change will be processed at the old rate of $ 5000 Regards https://crypto-trader.cc
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2019-06-17 14:43:53
News Crypto Trader LTD
Dear investors. We remind you that the bitcoin rate is fixed. His bet is $ 5,000 per bitcoin. You do not lose anything if the real Bitcoin rate drops or grows. Regards https://crypto-trader.cc
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2019-05-13 16:10:06
News Crypto Trader LTD
Hello. A few days ago we added a tariff plan - 2% per day for 20 days. The deposit is returned at the end of the term. respectfully https://crypto-trader.cc
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2019-05-07 18:39:01
News Crypto Trader LTD
Dear investors, hello. In the near future, the 1% per day for 20 days tariff plan will be closed. We have added the possibility of early withdrawal of the deposit with a commission of 10%. You can pick up your deposit from this tariff at any time or leave it in work so that it brings profit. Regards https://crypto-trader.cc
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